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MUSIC.NET.AU Mission Statement

MUSIC.NET.AU was the first independent musician's site on the web in Australia, and we intend to continue our vision of promoting a strong independent and uniquely Australian music industry.

The future of music in Australia and the rest of the world is not under the control of large multi-national or even national recording companies who dictate fashion, who dictate what, when and even how people can listen to music. The technology of the Internet is about closing the gap between those who make music, and those who want to listen to it. The middle-man will simply cease to exist.

The era of a young musician being 'discovered' and then 'made' by a recording company executive are over. Serious musicians are not into glitz and glamour, but bringing a message to their audience. Whether the message is the music itself, or a powerful and heartfelt political message presented through that music, it is about communicating with an audience. Many bands choose to do this face-to-face though gigging, but more and more musicians are using the Internet as their stage, which allows them to reach not just a local, but a global market.

The Internet is not a panacea which solves all problems and makes the task easy. There are new challenges, new problems to solve, and new techniques which must be mastered. But all the information needed to meet these challenges is on the Internet itself.

The way forward is not to try to isolate our entertainment industry in shrouds of protection and regulation, but to use the Internet to reach the global market-place. Australian music, and Australian bands have been enormously successful overseas, and that success can grow in the right environment. MUSIC.NET.AU is committed to building an online community providing support, a medium of communication, and a virtual meeting place for Australian musicians and other entertainers.


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